Sunday, February 19, 2012

One Book - Twelve Readers: Info Post

Hello Readers and Bookworms! I came up with this idea randomly last night and I figured I would post about it on here to see what kind of feedback I would get and to see how many people would be interested. The Project is called One Book, Twelve Readers. Which is basically exactly what the project is. The idea is to past on (via snail mail) one book to 12 different readers. I think the easiest way to explain this is step by step:

- All 12 readers would list 1-2 books that they are interested in reading.
- After the suggestion time is up, all 12 readers would vote on ONE book. That book would be the book that would go to all 12 readers.
- The first reader (which would be myself) would get the book, read it, keep a journal with my thoughts, drawings..or anything I felt like putting in the journal that would relate to my feelings toward the book.
- After I completed the book and my part of the journal, I would mail the book AND journal to the second person.
- The 2nd person would read the book, do their part of the journal and then mail both items to the third person.
- The steps would repeat until all 12 people have read the book and did their part of the journal.

The idea of this is to a.) read an amazing book and b.) to become close with other bookworms.

Thoughts? Suggestions? You can either comment below or email me at

I will be opening a sign up post in a few days along with more information.


  1. Following your blog! If you want, check mine out

    Author of For Nothing

  2. Sounds like a great idea but I have a stupid question, would you be paying for the book to be sent to each person or each person pay for the shipping to the next? Thanks and if you want please check out my book blog,

    1. I'd buy the book and pay the shipping to the second person. After that, everyone is required to pay the shipping for the next reader UNLESS someone offers to pay it for you. :)