Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Perfect by Ellen Hopkins

Published:September 13th 2011
Pages: 662
Format: Hardcover (New)
Stars: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

In this riveting and startling companion to "Impulse," northern Nevada teenagers Cara, Kendra, Sean, and Andre, tell in their own voices of their very different paths toward perfection and how their goals change when tragedy strikes.

I've been a fan of Hopkins' books since early last year when I read the Crank Series by her. She is able to make tough situations come to life in her books and a lot of the situations are common problems in people's lives. I love how she also doesn't sugar coat anything and make everything magically better at the end of her books.

In her newest novel Perfect, we follow four different lives that are all linked together somehow. Cara is the twin sister of Conner who tried to kill himself, Kendra is the girl who is determined to be skinny and who is still obsessed with her short relationship with Conner, Sean is Cara's ex boyfriend who becomes obsessed with her after finding out Cara's deep secret and Andre just wants to be accepted by Kendra's sister (who he's in love with)

Apart (yet somehow still together), these four teens are going to find out what it really means to have a "perfect" life and how to accept that life isn't always happy endings.

If you are a fan of Hopkins Books, Perfect will not disappoint.