Why a Book Blog?
Because I love books of course!!!! No honestly, I love reading and I love the whole book community on the internet. Everyone is really interesting and supportive. I love sharing all of my book related thoughts with people. It's half the fun of reading to be honest.

I want to start a Book Blog but how do I get people interested in it?
I plan on doing a blog post about this at a later time but honestly, don't be scared to put yourself out there. If you are part of the book community, it'll probably be easier then you think. If not, get involved with different book sites. Keep in mind that everyone started out totally new at some point. Also, keep your reviews and other posts honest. Overall like I said, put yourself out there and don't be scared to promote your blog in different places.

What made you decide on getting an e-reader?
My Kindle was actually a gift from my parents on Christmas '10. I really like it because it's the size of ONE book but you can fill it with thousands of books. Which is great for a book junkie. Also, a lot of great books are free and are books that I might not have read otherwise. Some e-books are even cheaper then the physical book. I will always love physical books but having an e-reader is very useful and a lot of fun too. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

I am interested in having you review my book, how do I contact you about it?
I am always willing to review author's books on this blog or anywhere else I review books. Simply email me: staycalmandreadon@gmail.com with your name, the title of the book and any other info. If I am interested, I will try to reply asap.

Do you ever do Giveaways?
Yes I do! I have a space on my blog on the left side where I list my current giveaway(s)

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