Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Book Review: The Party by Christopher Pike

Published: January 15th 1988
Pages: 224
Stars: ★ ★ ★
Jessica Hart and her best friends invited dozens of people to their "get to know each other" party. But some people came who weren't invited. And the evening ended in horror. Most figured it was a suicide. They figured wrong.

I have never read anything by Pike until now so I didn't really know what to expect. This novel just looked really interesting when I went to the bookstore so I decided to give it a shot. The plot looked promising but to be completely honest, I felt that it was a bit weak. The world building and the introduction to the characters was great but the actual "Party" fell flat for me. Nothing really happens until page 150 and even then, not much happens. I honestly felt that Pike used up all his energy to write the beginning of the novel but when it got to the real plot, he just rushed it. As for the ending, it really seemed like he just forgot to add it. In other words, the ending just didn't do ANYTHING for me.

However, I didn't feel like this was a bad enough novel to give a bad rating to. This is a series and I know sometimes the first books of series can be a bit disappointing. So I will be reading the next book in the series: The Dance. Just to see what happens. But it is not something that I am going to rush to read or that I have to read right away.

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