Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Bedtime Stories for the Damned by Christopher Bloodworth

Published: Unknown
Pages: 160
Format: E-Book
Stars: ★★★

 Unimaginable horror. 
Terrifying rage. 
Twisted desires. 
Strange appetites. 
 All these marvelous things and more await those who dare to read Bedtime Stories For The Damned.  

***Now featuring a FREE excerpt from the new novel Handbook for a Teenage Antichrist.*** 

Included stories: 
 The police came calling on Dr. Gordon the day after his patient was found dead, locked in a safe. The only item the dead man had in the safe was a journal. A journal that contained a plea for help, along with a dark secret from the man’s childhood. 

 It happened fast: a tossed clock, a trashcan. Then Carla lost herself to the rage and everything changed. 

 Six people woke up this morning. Six contestants spread across the small city of Solo, Texas. All playing a twisted man's game. A man that may be more than he seems at first glance.

 Truck driver Buddy Pritchard was heading home to his wife and young daughter, but a chance encounter with an organic jerky saleswoman may keep him from ever seeing them alive again.

Bloodworth is a loved Member of Reddit.com and he posts amazing stories on Nosleep. He was giving away this book and another one for free on Amazon for the Kindle. So I grabbed this one because I love his horror stories.

I thought Bedtime Stories for the Damned was pretty good and a really fast read. The only thing is, I did expect more from Bloodworth then what I actually got. Then again, short story collections are usually filled with hits and misses so I can't really explain because most of them were hits. The thing that bugged me the most though was the free Excerpt was totally blank so a good chuck of the book was nothing.

Overall, I recommend this book if you love horror and indie books. It was a nice combo of both. If you want to read somethings by Bloodworth, you can go HERE.

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